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stray_blossoms's Journal

Wandering Among Cherry Trees
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Welcome to stray_blossoms!

This is the graphics journal of anigirl15 (K-chan) and x_simplemotions (Vi-chan).

Looking for something specific? Try the tags!

1) Please credit
2) DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN (that's just mean)
3) Rules for using as bases vary from post to post, check each one individually
4) Be nice to us (we'll be nice back, I promise)
5) No spamming
6) No matter how old a post gets, comments are still welcome
7) When in doubt, feel free to ask

Credit goes to either anigirl15 or x_simplemotions, depending on the post. If you're not sure or just don't want to credit us directly, then you can credit the community directly: stray_blossoms.

- K-chan:
uchiha_stills akatsuki_awards shinobi_awards hebi_stills itachi_icontest
Banner Maker:
itachi_icontest akatsuki_awards

- Vi-chan:
ino_icontest hebi_stills
Banner Maker:

Request topic is [TBA].

(ok not really)

Why pink?
Do you have something against pink?

Absolutely nothing! I was just curious...
Well, it goes along rather nicely with the cherry blossom theme. Also, both black and white text is readable on it.

Who made this absolutely amazing layout?
Why, K-chan of course! She has an LJ dedicated specifically to layouts over at str3y (please ignore the possibly horrid appearance, she's testing things out, really).

What's up with your mood theme?
Well, we're making a mood theme from a combination of our icons... but as you can see it's going a tad slow.

Who's we_shout?
Vi-chan's old livejournal name. If you're not sure which name to credit, just credit the community, stray_blossoms.

Can I watch you?

Coming soon